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€315.00 Price

Travello is an easy to transport and functional rehabilitation chair of great adjustment possibilities, intended for the students of massage schools and hobbyists. Travello is ideally suitable for executing massage of the spine and other parts of the back. Broad range of adjustment possibilities includes setting height of the seat and the pillow supporting the chest and change of inclination angle for the face rest and arm shelf. The adjustment enables to adapt Travello to the weight and height of the patient, facilitating access to proper parts of the muscles, enhancing comfort and effectiveness of the treatments. Light construction and possibility of easy and quick assembly of the chair give the masseur quite large freedom of work and high mobility.

Multifunctional Chair

€335.00 Price

Multifunctional chair for massages and therapies, perfect for clinics and massage centres. This design protects the neck and back of the patients and assure the best relaxation state. Upholstery available in different colours.