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Roll Bolster 15x60 cm

€25.00 Price

Bolsters work out perfectly during massage treatment, rehabilitation and corrective gymnastics. They may be used for

supporting the knees, feet, arms and shoulders of the patient. Using the bolster influences relaxation of the tension in

the tissue structures: muscles, fasciae, ligaments, tendons and articular capsules within the lower extremities and the

back, ensuring comfort and relax during the massage treatment or physical therapy. Particularly recommended for:

• massage of the rear side of the lower extremities, back, face, abdomen and chest,

• pressure point therapy for feet,

• treatments within the scope of physical therapy and kinesitherapy in the above-mentioned areas,

• corrective gymnastics,

• general rehabilitation.

Professional Heater 6 liter

€170.00 Price

This professional 6-liter stone heating unit maintains a constant, even temperature so your massage stones are always ready to use. This is an ideal unit for both hot stone massage and warm stone massage. Dedicated to sets of 22 and 45 stones.